Emanant Music Group, LLC / Atlanta/Nashville/Memphis 

The intention of veteran Music Business Executive and Producer Chas Childers, founder of The Emanant Music Group/CCM Publishing, is to ensure we provide the best level of professional publishing services while maintaining a great roster of writers and publishers that we know, understand, and work closely with, providing an open door policy with both our International and US offices and an active interest in our writers/artists seeking to achieve mutual goals.

This is why we intentionally keep the roster limited but always of a high standard across different genres.

We have extensive pro-active partnerships throughout the USA and other territories ensuring a truly worldwide service for exploitation and collection coverage. The Emanant Music Group and it’s partners ( Simply Grand Music, Inc, Becky Music, and Memphis Town Music ) continue to promote both strong, popular, culturally current and vintage song catalogs.


USA- Harry Fox Agency

Canada- CMRRA

World- Warner/Chappell

Europe- Carlin Music

Japan- Shinko Music


Ace Records ( SGM )

The Orchard ( SGM )

 EMANANT MUSIC GROUP/CCM Publishing, ASCAP, and our partners provide music for recording projects, film, TV, advertising, corporate, websites, and radio productions.