Emanant Music Radio (EMR) is one of America’s fastest growing independent internet streaming media companies for music, entertainment, and ads from sponsors and businesses nationwide.

Since its inception, Emanant Music Radio has streamed globally via wifi providers everywhere. You have heard EMR in your car, on tv, and even at the movies. EMR plays all types of music and on multiple genre platforms.

Emanant Music Radio has become the number one web-based internet record label radio broadcast platform, with total global digital listening power on the worldwide web. EMR in Atlanta, Nashville, and Memphis offers a variety of artist and business advertisement opportunities.

Emanant Music Radio plays artists that are signed to the Emanant Music label group and occasionally features special guests. In the near future, EMR will host live podcasts, focusing on record labels and the music business. Emanant Music is more than a just a record label; Emanant Music is internet radio.