Corey Lee Barker

Corey Lee Barker was born September 22nd 1973 in Cleburne/Grandview Texas and grew up in Memphis Tennessee. Since moving to Nashville in 1998 Corey has racked up over 400 cuts/TV placements for his music. Daryle Singletary, Cledus T Judd, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Jonnny Lee, TG Sheppard, Bill Anderson, Joey Hyde, Jason Jones (WB),Cash Creek, Lucas Hoge, Barry Michael and a host of others have all recorded Corey’s music over the years.

You’ve also heard his music on SMALLVILLE, THE MESSENGERS, GAC, HBO, ANIMAL PLANET, BIRTH OF A LEGEND, and the Grammy winning album “Come Share the Wine” by Jimmy Sturr.

After a string of nominations for Songwriter of the year by the Inspirational Country Music Association, Tennessee Songwriters Association, and the North American Country Music Association International Corey decided to write a book called HIT HAPPENS to help other aspiring writers get to the next level and sprinkled it with sarcastic humor for their entertainment.